Childcare in Holland

Under the Dutch Childcare Law all parents who work or study and use daycare are entitled to childcare allowance. This allowance is used to pay part of the childcare costs. Childcare can be either with private child minders or in bigger groups in a nursery or an after school care centre.

Private childcare hassle free

Opa Bakkebaard specialises in private childcare. We provide nanny's at your home. We also do placements with a child minder who cares for a small group of children in her home. We coach the nanny and take care of all formalities. No Dutch required.

For a calculation of your childcare costs, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Care in your language

If you are a registered expat, you qualify for an exemption on the rule that all childcare has to be in Dutch. We will be glad to inform you about the possibilities.


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Please fill out this form and we will calculate how much money you could be saving:

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  1. * This is what the Netherlands tax service "Belastingdienst" refers to as "toetsingsinkomen" (link in Dutch). "Toetsingsinkomen" often is the same as “verzamelinkomen” in your yearly Dutch tax statement. Please note that foreign income not taxed in The Netherlands should be included. Income that is not taxed under Dutch law since you work for United Nations, European Union etc, should also be included. "Belastingdienst" refers to this income as NINBI or "niet in Nederland belast inkomen".